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NP3 Clubs Recruit New Members at Club Rush

By Maisha Mostafa  Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 High School held its annual Club Rush event on Friday, Sept. 13 to encourage students to join the clubs on campus. The school schedule … [Read more...]

First Midterms of the Year Begin Next Week

By Chim Unanwa Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Before NP3 High students go on Fall Break, they’ll have to take midterms. Midterms mark the halfway point of term one. Generally, NP3 students … [Read more...]

Take Community College Classes in High School

By Chim Unanwa Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Sacramento-area students have the opportunity to take community college courses during high school. Through Advanced Education, also referred to … [Read more...]

Teacher Profile: Dulce Hernandez

By Zara Afridi Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 teacher Dulce Hernandez feels she relates a lot to her students. She understands all the problems we go through such as stress, huge homework … [Read more...]

Natomas Youth Take Action with YAC

By Ashvir Singh NP3 Student | The Pacific Times The Youth Action Corps program empowers local youth to give back to the Natomas community. Also referred to as “YAC,” the Youth Action Corps was … [Read more...]

New Aquatics Center Coming Soon to North Natomas

By Joel Padilla-Cuellar Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Construction has officially begun for a new North Natomas Community and Aquatics Center adjacent to Inderkum High School. A … [Read more...]

Send The Pacific Times Story Ideas!

By Maisha Mostafa Staff Writer | The Pacific Times The Pacific Times is looking for story ideas for the NP3 community. The Pacific Times was created last school year by an NP3 alumni and … [Read more...]