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NP3 High to Host German Students

By Isabella Bravo
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

For the first time in several years, NP3 will be participating in an international student exchange program by hosting students from Germany and in exchange sending students to Germany for three weeks in the 2024-25 school year.

German students will fly in from Rheda-Wiedenbruck and stay with host families while attending school for three weeks in October 2024. In March 2025, several NP3 students will live with German families while attending school. A few NP3 teacher chaperones will also be traveling and living with German teachers while in Germany.

Ten students were selected to travel to Germany and host German students.

While here, German students will be able to explore and participate in activities in Sacramento while also attending NP3 and taking classes that interest them. German students are hoping to improve their English skills and learn more about American culture.

The program was announced in August 2023 when an interest form for host families and students was sent out. In December, the administration held an interesting meeting and sent out information packets.

From February to March, students submitted applications for the program. Based on the applications, in which students described their family, personality, and interests, they were paired with German students with whom they’d exchange with.

Freshman Colby Durham is one of the selected students to travel and host next year. She first decided to apply because she wanted the opportunity to travel and learn about a new culture. Durham believes that “future students can benefit from the responsibility and independence that this trip will give. We will be without our families and be able to communicate our needs by ourselves.”

“I am looking forward the most to going to the Germany school and meeting all the people,” Durham added. “I am excited to make new friends.”

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