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Student on the Street: Getting Vaccinated

By Berkeley V Boyd Staff Writer | The Pacific Times The start of the school year marks the first time, since March of 2020, that all of the students currently enrolled at NP3 are returning in … [Read more...]

One NP3 High Student’s Experiences COVID-19 Crisis as it Hits Pakistan

By Hadia Ahmad Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Traveling through Pakistan during a pandemic revealed why the country's COVID situation has dramatically worsened. My name is Hadia Ahmad, a … [Read more...]

Parental Stress During the Pandemic

You Are Not Alone By Hania Arshad Guest Writer | The Pacific Times Staying isolated from friends and family, committing to indoor activities, and the switch to a virtual lifestyle are only a few … [Read more...]

Student on the Street: Back on Campus

By Berkeley Boyd Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Last month, 40% of NP3 High School students returned to campus for in-person learning. The Pacific Times asked: "What's it like being back on … [Read more...]

Ways High Schoolers Can Help the Environment

By Zoe Lopez Staff Writer | The Pacific Times As most of us know, climate change is a rising issue currently. Every day we continue to push the limits of our planet and compromise the health of … [Read more...]

Student on the Street: COVID-Style Holidays

By Kinsey Center Staff Writer | Pacific Times The Pacific Times asked NP3 High Students: “What are your plans for the holidays?” Mariah Havener, 15, Sophomore “This year I’m going to be … [Read more...]

Festival Participants Discuss Cultural Awareness

By Krista Chouang Staff Writer | The Pacific Times During the Asian Cultural Festival held last month, participants shared their experiences being Asian American and ways others can be more … [Read more...]

Student On The Street: Thanksgiving Plans

By Akshaj Mehta Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Due to COVID-19, Thanksgiving will look a lot different for students this year. The Pacific Times asked Np3 High Students:  “What are you doing … [Read more...]

9th Graders Disappointed by Online High School

By Berkeley Boyd Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 High's freshmen made the transition from middle school to high school online due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Pacific Times polled … [Read more...]