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NP3 High Elects New Student Government Leaders

Student body president Rory Marco

By Chim Unanwa
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Due to stay-at-home orders caused by COVID-19, NP3 High held its first virtual student government election on May 8.

Student elections are normally held on campus, where each candidate would give a speech to the student body. After, students would vote in their advisories using physical voting sheets. 

The elections were done through a Google Form, shared by advisory teachers in their Google Classrooms.

Vice president Makaiae Gonzales

Since some positions such as secretary were not directly ran for, Student Government teacher Jennifer Hembree elected candidates that did not get their first choice for those positions. They were chosen based on their work ethic and how they campaigned.

Overall, voter turnout was 75%. Mr. Jonathan England’s advisory class had 100% participation, so they will receive a donut party when school resumes in the fall.

The election results are as follows: Rory Marco is NP3 High’s newest president and Makaiae Gonzales is the vice president. Caroll Loupeda was elected secretary and Tatiana Segura as treasurer. Janelle Calma

Secretary Caroll Loupeda

and Ximena Francisco will both serve as co-communications officers. Lastly, Anthony Thang will act as the student board member while Rachel Long will be the sound manager.

Marco ran for President against juniors Tuan Huynh and Caroll Loupeda. She aims to raise school spirit and pride.

“I want our students to be proud pirates and WANT to go to events and participate,” Marco said. “I hope to reach this goal by giving our students what they want and going the extra mile to decorate and make new ideas and games.”

Treasurer Tatiana Segura

Gonzales, who ran against Janelle Calma for vice president, wants to create a fun and comfortable environment at NP3.

“I hope it will be fun enough to make 2020-2021 a positively renowned year for all classes,” she said.

Loupeda initially ran for president, but was chosen as Secretary. She wants to establish community at NP3.

“…. because of everything that has been going on in the world recently , it’s so important that we have a place where we feel like we can go and have people that will have our backs and support us,” Loupeda said.

Co-communications officer Janelle Calma

Segura ran unchallenged for treasurer.

“My goal as the 2020-2021 treasurer is to work together with my other student body board members in planning successful events that students will enjoy, while ensuring that we are doing so by staying within our financial budget,” Segura said.

Calma initially ran for vice president, but was also chosen as a co-communications officer. She wants to make the 2020-2021 year memorable.

“From trying new events or just making sure our regular traditions go as planned,” Calma said. “I love our

Student board member Anthony Thang

school and I love making others happy, so making everyone happy would be my main goal.”

Thang ran against Francisco and Long for student board member. He wants to promote school spirit and unity.

“My #1 goal is to promote school spirit and unity by introducing new merchandise to enhance the gratitude towards our school,” Thang said.

Long ran for student board member, but was chosen as sound manager. She wants to creatively contribute to NP3’s student government.

Sound manager Rachel Long

“My #1 goal for next year is to …  make sure all events run smoothly for NP3 students,” she said.

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