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NP3 to Host Summer AI Scholars Program

By Tayeb Rahman
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

An Artificial Intelligence summer program taught by Stanford and MIT alumni is being hosted at NP3.

This summer, InspiritAI is having a program open to NP3 students, taking place from July 8 to July 19 only on weekdays. The sessions are from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The program is open for both middle school and high school students. It teaches the fundamentals of AI in Python alongside an impact project. It is open for people who have no experience or are beginners in programming and computer science. However, the program provides advanced cohorts for people who are familiar with programming and computer science.

For students planning on studying computer science, this program may be a good opportunity. Many of the scholars that attend this program often attend prestigious colleges. InspiritAI’s program includes preparation for college applications, learning about AI, and making a mentor-led AI Project. The summer program offers many topics to delve in: detecting skin cancer, searching for exoplanets, object detection for self-driven cars, developing music recommender systems, detecting bias in the criminal justice system, predicting stock movements using tweets, etc.

The InspiritAI Scholars Program costs $1,500 USD, however they may give need-based scholarships for those interested. To apply:

For more information, see these documents:

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