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Students Surpass School-Wide Fundraising Goals


Seasons of Giving Rally takes place in school gym.

By Kimberly Chouang
Editorial Assistant | Pacific Times

NP3 High School students recently earned multiple free-dress days by raising money and collecting items for charity.

Advisory classes collected canned food, clothing, household items and money during the school’s “Seasons of Giving” campaign held from Nov. 12 to Nov. 16.

The purpose of the Seasons of Giving campaign is to show NP3 what students can do together instead of alone, emphasizing that there is “Unity in Community,” according to the NP3 High student government.

NP3 High School’s student government led this event, working with three different organizations. The canned food went to the Sacramento Food Bank, the clothes and household items to the Sacramento Family Services and the money went towards the Kylee Lillich Giving Tree.

NP3’s goals for the Season of Giving were to collect 500 cans of food, 500 pieces of clothing or household items and $500.

NP3 students surpassed the clothing goal by collecting more than 2,000 items and the monetary goal by collecting $638, but were unable to reach the canned food goal, according to student delegate Melodi Xiong.

NP3 High School students earned “prizes” if they met their goals such as free-dress days on Fridays if they met one goal; free-dress days during Fridays and on finals week, Dec. 17 to Dec. 21 if they met two goals, and free-dress days from Nov. 26 to Dec. 21 if they all three goals were met.

There was also an NP3 advisory class competition to see who could raise the most of either clothing, canned food or money. The prize for the three winning advisory classes was a doughnut party.

The winners were Jonathan England’s advisory with 440 articles of clothing, Jen Hembree’s advisory with 161 cans of food and Melissa Ciubal and Dulce Hernandez’s advisory class with $153.


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