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Pen Pal Program Promotes Growth & Learning

By Jasmeen Ghuman
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

As the season of joy approaches us, the members in the National Honors Society are spreading happiness by writing heartfelt letters to 5th graders.

The members in the National Honors Society from NP3 High school are keeping the art of letter writing alive by being pen pals with a younger audience. They are working on making Pen Pal letters for 5th grade students attending Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep Elementary School.

The National Honors Society is facilitated by Daisy Vallesfino and the presidents are Jakob Franco and Isabel Penman. The two presidents suggested the idea of being pen pals with the elementary kids.

The high schoolers sent their letters to two fifth grade classes in the elementary school on Oct.1. The paper was rolled up, tied with twine, and placed in a faux glass bottle.

The bottles were then placed in crates which reached the fifth graders about two weeks ago. The members received their response in bottles on Nov. 5 and sent their second response on Nov. 26.

“We are hoping to help build the fifth graders’ writing skills as well as build community between the two campuses,” Franco said.

Vallesfino and Franco explained the educational purpose of this fun and thoughtful activity.

“It’s the idea of K-12 Unity and that it kind of gives elementary schoolers something to look forward to because the people who are sending the letters are juniors and seniors,” Vallesfino said. “Fifth graders need to practice writing and juniors and seniors can practice writing to a younger audience and setting an example.”

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