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It’s Time to Run for Student Body Officer Positions

By Zara Afridi
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Application period now open for student body office; until Monday, April 15th. 

NP3 High school has a variety of student body officer positions that all grade levels are able to run for right now for the next 2019-2020 school year if interested.

Student body officers take the Student Government class. The class focuses on updating the student body on current activities happening in school while developing skills such as leadership, communication, and professionalism.

The candidate positions up for re-election are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Student Board Member for Student Government.

It is one term for delegates from each advisory and the whole year for elected officers.

The President will be in charge of all school activities and meetings while being charge of all the committees.

Vice President helps the President by assuming and working the duties of the President when they are not present, they also coordinate and organize fundraisers.

The Treasurer is in charge of all the student government’s financial needs from the fundraisers and school activities while making sure to maintain current and accurate account information.

The Secretary maintains what the weekly calendar will look like in terms of activities and appointments made while they also monitor messages at meetings.

The Student Board Member will have to be able to attend all NP3 board meetings and Booster meetings. They are also responsible of reporting to Student Government what the Board wants to see done in school and also reporting to the Board what is happening at school in terms of activities, clubs, etc.

Responsibilities such as having NP3 spirit and respecting teachers, peers and the campus while acting as a role model to the school and student body is very important to all elected officers.

“I encourage students to run because I think it is the best way to get to know people at this school. I’ve definitely met and talked to so many students that I would otherwise not have. It’s also great for leadership, skill building, and getting to know NP3 a lot better in general. It is a lot of work, but it’s really worth it,” said Isabel Penman, a current communication NP3 officer who works with the other officers.

Candidate packets are now available in Jennifer Hembree’s Room (C-3).

More information about each position and the requirements to run will be included in the packets which will be due Monday, April 15.

Talk to Jennifer Hembree in room C-3 if you have any questions.

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