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Student on the Street: Appreciating our Advisories

By Amritpal Nijjar
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High School students see the same people and teacher every day, so The Pacific Times asked students:

What is something special/unique about your advisory class?

Joel Padilla Cuellar, Junior

“One cool thing my advisory does is our teacher brings cupcakes whenever its someone’s birthday.”

Anthony Hara, Senior

“Mrs. Courtwright gives us assignments to help us create goals, and stresses on academic responsibility. My advisory is a nice mental space for me to mature.”

Gene Do, Junior

“The funny thing about my advisory is that it changes every year. Seriously. We’re on our fifth advisor right now.”

James Ross, Senior

“One thing our advisory does is make a weirdness diagram. We make a scale from ‘weird’ to ”not weird”, and write random things on it based on how weird they are. It’s just our little advisory tradition.”

Jola Agee, Senior

“My teacher listens to my needs and wants and makes sure she can help me. My advisory is very close knit, like a family. We even take Christmas postcard pictures like a family.”


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