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Where Is Ms. Mori?


By Maryam Shabir
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

A common question that NP3 High students ask is: Where is Ms. Mori? The answer: She’s everywhere!

Melissa Mori, a Stanford graduate, has been with NP3 since the day it opened 13 years ago starting off as a history teacher. She worked as an assistant principal before her current job as a principal. She said the focus of her duties is to make sure,“students are learning in each class, to support teachers and staff” and that there is a “safe and caring community of learners.”

Mori currently takes on a variety of jobs from being the principal, an 11th grade class advisor, and an AP class teacher. When asked how she manages all of her work responsibilities with also being a parent she said,” It’s challenging at times, but I prioritize and make lots of lists.”

The reason Np3 High students have difficulty finding Mori is because she is frequently in classrooms, spends lunch supervising the cafeteria, and after school directing traffic.

While Mori is rarely in her office, she is “always open to hearing students” and wants to be approached. The best way to reach Ms. Mori is to send her a quick email and set up a time to meet.




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