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2019 Homecoming Game Was A Success!

By Jack Fedor
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High’s homecoming week is an annual tradition to show school spirit. It kicked off with a pep rally on the school quad on Oct. 24, followed by a basketball game that same day and a homecoming dance on Oct. 26.

As the festivities started Thursday, many NP3 students dressed in their class colors. Students wore shirts, sweaters, bandanas and more in their grade color as they cheered in a quest to gain Pirate Points.

The juniors won as the most spirited during the chants, with freshmen getting second place. Although the drama leading up to the game was entertaining, the results of the game provided a clear and distinct rating of the grades.

The freshman class performing their chant.


The juniors performing their chant.

As the doors opened, hundreds of high schoolers and middle schoolers entered the building. By this time, teams had already started warming up for the game, in which the freshman team picked up an extra player. Before the start of the game, NP3’s Choir performed the national anthem. This, along with player introductions, got the whole crowd fired up for the game.

The freshman (purple) and sophomore (blue) team getting a pep talk during a 5 minute break.

The game was set for tip off, with the first game with freshmen against sophomores. The first quarter was already a blowout as what was expected to happen with the sophomores destroying the freshman. By halftime, the spirit squads performed, with sophomores leading by 30 points. The sophomore continued to dominate in the second half, but the freshman made it a close fourth quarter. Very few substitutions were used for the sophomores as the freshman bench kept getting rotated. The final score was 70 to 23, with sophomores taking the win.

The juniors and seniors began to warm up for their game as the sophomores and freshmen exited the court. This was followed by the winners of the Homecoming Dance royalty to be announced with pirate themed titles. The NP3 Dance Team then proceeded to perform their routine, followed by an announcement for NP3 High’s upcoming AAU team.

NP3 Dance Team performing during the half-time of the game.

After the break, the juniors vs seniors game began and at the end of the first quarter, there was a buzzer beater shot made. This game was much closer and had an end of the game possession decide the outcome as both teams were kept under 50 in a one point 49 to 48 point. The juniors won against the seniors in this game.

The seniors (black) blocks juniors (red) from scoring.

According to NP3 student government teacher Jennifer Hembree, she said “This has been the biggest turnout of people to attend our Homecoming Game, so it was a very big success.”

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