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NP3 Started The New Year off With A “2020 Vision” Rally

By Zara Afridi
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

To start off the new year, Np3 High’s Student Government wanted to have a rally to introduce the new term.

New events and activities for the term were introduced, such as Game Night, Quadchella, Prom, and Sportsmania. 

The rally was in the middle of the day because Robotics had a competition at the end of the day, which would conflict with the rally since they are at the end of the day. 

Here are some of the pictures The Pacific Times captured below.

Np3 Dance Team ready to perform.

The Dance Team during performance.

Students playing “Guess the Soda” Game.

Patchy the Pirate made an appearance.


Student Government judges the contestants in the “Dance Off” Game.

Contestants dancing for the “Dance Off’ Game.

The crowd getting excited.

Dance members watching the rally after a long performance.


Student Government delegates enjoying the rally.

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