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Senior Paints Trash Cans to Promote Recycling

Students who attended Kimberly Rivera’s tutorial had the chance to help with her project.

By Jack Fedor
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High students decide what colors whey want to paint one of the school’s recycling bins.

NP3 High senior Kimberly Rivera is trying to increase the amount of recycling done in the community for her senior project.

Last week Rivera hosted a tutorial at NP3 high to have current students help paint trash cans as a part of her senior project. She had students paint a trash bin during tutorial so that her cause of recycling could get attention in a fun and noticeable way.

For her project, Rivera is using existing trash cans on campus and painting some designs and colors such as yellow, green, blue, red, then converting them into recycling bins. These new recycling bins are being placed in the NP3 High quad.

The recent tutorial was part of Rivera’s action plan to address her larger issue of getting more students to recycle on campus. She hopes these brightly colored recycling bins are enough to not only encourage more recycling on campus but that students will continue to these recycling habits at home.
Rivera’s hope is people will build these skills so that the environment will be better.

Students can support Rivera’s project by recycling and spreading the word about the benefits of recycling to others.

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