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Ahoy: Meet the 2020-21 “Pacific Times” Staff

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

The Pacific Times (pictured at bottom) is returning for the 2020-21 school year and will begin reporting virtually as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

This school year The Pacific Times has many new writers as well as some returning ones and we are going to give the readers of The Pacific Times a chance to learn a bit more about this year’s set of writers.


Chim Unanwa

Hi, I’m Chim Unanwa and I’m a senior. I’m 16 years old and I like playing video games, reading, and making music. I first joined journalism because I was interested in writing stories, and this is my second year so far on the NP3 Journalism team. I’ll be sure to work hard as co-editor to write quality articles for you all!

Jack Fedor

I am Jack Fedor, a sophomore at NP3 High and this is my second year that I will be on the Pacifc Times team. I will try to get the same quality of an article as I had before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived while the Pacific Times is working digitally. I do many different activities at the school and hope that assists myself and you the reader in getting accurate and full information in each article. If one of you readers has any recommendation for an article or feature for the Pacifc Times, then comment on an article. I hope you enjoy the articles that myself and our team at the Pacific Times produce.

Staff Writers

Akshaj Mehta

Hi everyone, my name is Akshaj Mehta and I am currently a Sophomore. I enjoy watching movies, reading and writing and playing video games. I am excited to be part of the Np3 Journalism Staff!

Kinsey Center

Hi my name is Kinsey Center and I’m a sophomore at NP3 High. I love food, playing my guitar,and reading. I’m really excited to be a part of Journalism this year and share events with all of you that are happening. I want to be able to share topics that are not only happening currently but things that will interest you.

Christopher Loupeda

Hi, my name is Christopher Loupeda and I am a junior. I’m currently 15 years old and my birthday is September 14th. I’ve wanted to join journalism since I was a freshman and I’m excited that this year I can write articles for the Pacific Times. I have a big interest in soccer and I would be playing right now if not for the pandemic. I also have an interest in cycling (I bike very nearly everyday), I also like to watch boxing however I’d probably never pursue it. I have two older sisters, and one is a senior at the school, she is the secretary. I hope I can bring well written articles to you all.

Hi! My name is Nayab Mehmood (not pictured) and I am currently a junior at NP3 High. Apart from journalism, I am also a part of the NP3 Mock Trial team and am looking into joining some clubs this school year. Aside from school, I enjoy spending time with family, watching YouTube, and I love food! I look forward to being part of bringing to you this years recent, important news from the local, national, and global level.

Berkeley Boyd

Hello! My name is Berkeley Boyd, I am currently 16 and a junior at NP3 Highschool. My favorite subjects are History and Science. I love to watch movies and my favorites are Godzilla and Avatar. I love the color orange and currently own 3 guinea pigs.

Paloma Beltran

Hello guys, my name is Paloma and I am a senior! I am 17 years old, I was born on February 11th. My current interests are listening to music, shopping online but most importantly watching anime. I am looking forward to being a part of the NP3 Journalism team this year! I will do my best to write on topics that matter to you guys and me!

Krista Chouang

Hello, Np3! My name is Krista Chouang, and I am currently a freshman! I’m 14 years old, and some of my interests include reading, writing, and music, but I’m still exploring what I like so far and the opportunities in high school, such as journalism. This is my first year here, I’m so excited to be part of this team and I’m looking forward to working hard to bring you information of all sorts to make your day a little more informed!

Alyssa Rose

My name is Haley Rose, but you may hear me go by my middle name, which is Alyssa! I’m a junior at NP3 High, and I am 16 years young! I enjoy baking, playing soccer, and being involved in my community! I look forward to serving you all in journalism for the 2020-2021 school year!!

Aneesa Mamhood

Hi! my name is Zoe Lopez (not pictured), I am 14 years old and a freshman here at NP3 Highschool. Some of the things I am interested in include art, music, science, and being outdoors. This is my first year in journalism, and I joined because I am interested in writing, and reading about politics and social justice issues. This year I am hoping to grow as a journalist while informing our community!

Hi everyone! I am a freshman and I am 14 years old. Some things I enjoy include reading, writing and art. This will be my first year joining Journalism and I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

Surya Tanikella

Hello! My name is Surya Tanikella. I am a freshman at NP3 High School. I love playing basketball and reading books. I joined journalism because I like writing. I hope that I can write about topics that interest you.

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