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Archives for November 2020

NP3 Student Government Holds Hallowednesday

By Jack Fedor Co-Editor | The Pacific Times Students were encouraged to come vehicles to campus in costume and to decorate their cars. On campus costumed NP3 High student government … [Read more...]

Student On The Street: Thanksgiving Plans

By Akshaj Mehta Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Due to COVID-19, Thanksgiving will look a lot different for students this year. The Pacific Times asked Np3 High Students:  “What are you doing … [Read more...]

Libraries reopen in Sacramento

By Christopher Loupeda Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Sacramento officials this month have reopened 17 library branches including the one located in South Natomas. According to the Gates … [Read more...]

NP3 Music Club Provides Students Space to Share

By Nimrat Bains Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Music Club was created by Rachel Long and Casey Harris in the 2020-21 school year. It is about creating a safe place for students to play and learn … [Read more...]

NP3 Key Club Holds Thanksgiving Donation Drive

By Krista Chouang Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 High School’s Key Club is hosting a donation drive to help those in need the week of Nov. 16-19 at the school. The event was organized in … [Read more...]

College and University Visit Opportunities

By Berkeley Boyd Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Due to the national pandemic, many schools across America are continuing the school year online including colleges. NP3 High School usually holds … [Read more...]

PNN Strives To Move Forward During Distance Learning

By Surya Tanikella Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Despite the pandemic, NP3's PNN continues to make new episodes while preparing for the VAPA showcase. PNN is an abbreviation for Pirate News … [Read more...]

Review: Season 1 of Space Force is Binge Worthy

By Akshaj Mehta Staff Writer| The Pacific Times An outstanding plot isn't something you would find in season one of Space Force but it is full of goofy moments and great actors. Space Force … [Read more...]

NP3 Participates in Virtual Mock Trial Scrimmage

By Nayab Mehmood Staff Writer | The Pacific Times The NP3 Mock Trial team had their first virtual scrimmage Saturday Nov. 7 with Tamalpais High School of Marin County. This was the first … [Read more...]

Latinos Unidos Celebrates Cultures, Tackles Tough Topics

By Pahel Tandel Staff Writer | The Pacific Times  Latinos Unidos is a club at NP3 High School that works to educate on brown issues, celebrate Hispanic culture, and support the community. This … [Read more...]