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Student On The Street: Thanksgiving Plans

By Akshaj Mehta
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Due to COVID-19, Thanksgiving will look a lot different for students this year. The Pacific Times asked Np3 High Students: 

“What are you doing for Thanksgiving and how is it different than last year?”

Tre Salas, 15, Sophomore

“Well, I’m gonna be going to my Uncle’s house to have Thanksgiving with his family. It’s going to be a little different from last year because we won’t have our grandparents over with us.”

Noble Mahan, 16, Junior

“Well usually my grandparents come over, they’re not, partly because of COVID, but also because some live in Idaho and we are going to my grandma and aunts’ houses and delivering some food to them.”

Kalil Wolford, 15, Sophomore

“What I am doing for Thanksgiving next week is hanging out with a bunch of families, it is different from last year because nobody showed up to Thanksgiving and it was just my brothers, my mom, and dad.”

Johnny Eick, Sophomore

“Last year/ I was with like 10 family members and we did run to feed hungry and had Denny’s later. This year we are not going to be able to do either of those things.”

Elbert Urita, 15, Sophomore

“For Thanksgiving we’re probably gonna celebrate by having food and being thankful it would be different this year because last year we spent it with family and friends but because of COVid, we have to social distance.”

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