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Latinos Unidos Celebrates Cultures, Tackles Tough Topics

By Pahel Tandel
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times 

Latinos Unidos is a club at NP3 High School that works to educate on brown issues, celebrate Hispanic culture, and support the community.

This club is a safe space for people of Latino/Hispanic background and people who just want to learn more culture.

Latinos Unidos is described as a “safe haven,” by one of the student leaders, Ximena Francisco. Francisco. Co-leaders with Jasmin Perez and staff adviser, Ms. Hernandez, the three have worked towards a strong Latino and Hispanic community here at Np3.

“Sometimes it can be easy to forget about where we come from, and how we learned to grow,” said Francisco. The club works to celebrate Hispanic culture everyday rather than just the typical holidays.

This year, due to distance learning, the club is more dedicated to speaking about brown issues and holding open discussions on issues which members feel go unaddressed. Topics include racist comments and actions, immigration and the struggle that comes with that such as adapting to a new environment, learning a new language, being afraid of embracing culture. Club leaders said they work to make every member feel welcomed into their club.

“The club has really shown me to take pride in my culture, and that is what I enjoy most about Latinos Unidos,” said Francisco.

According to the club’s Instagram account, “Latinos Unidos is a tight knit community where everyone is free to express their background without judgement.”

Meetings are held biweekly on Wednesdays from 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.. Visit the club’s Instagram page @np3latinosunidos to find the Google classroom code for meetings and to keep up with club activities.

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