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Student on the Street: COVID-Style Holidays

By Kinsey Center
Staff Writer | Pacific Times

The Pacific Times asked NP3 High Students:

“What are your plans for the holidays?”

Mariah Havener, 15, Sophomore
“This year I’m going to be spending the holidays at home with my parents and dog. We are planning on watching movies together.”

Cadence Zapara, 15, Sophomore
“My plans for the holidays are to rest as much as possible. I plan on painting and continuing to learn how to play my bass guitar.”

“What traditions are going to be different because of COVID-19?”

Elizabeth Gilbert, 15, Sophomore
“Most traditions stayed the same, but this year I don’t think there will be fireworks for New Years and we can’t have a big party with friends.”

“How do you feel about the holidays this year?”

Naysa Cinquegrana, 15, Sophomore
“I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to meet my baby cousin in Houston but I understand why. I hope it will be better next year and we can travel and have our usual family gatherings again.”

Jolene Phung, 15, Sophomore
“There’s a lack of holiday vibes compared to normal years. Not particularly, but it’s a bummer to not go anywhere during the break.”

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