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What’s Happening with the NP3 Yearbook Moving Forward

By Pahel Tandel 
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times 

As the yearbook process progresses, there are some updates and announcements from the yearbook staff.

The last day to buy a yearbook is Jan. 22 and that is also the last day that students are guaranteed a yearbook. If the yearbook is ordered after this deadline, the yearbook is not guaranteed.

A regular yearbook with no-add ons is $60. A basic package that has a yearbook with add-ons that include a name stamp, an icon, and a clear book protector is for $75. And the deluxe package also includes a yearbook, a name stamp, three icons, and a clear book protector is $85.

Another big change to the yearbook this year is the dress code range for senior portraits. Traditionally, female identified students wore a black V-neck shawl and male identified students wore a tuxedo. This year however, yearbook staff are allowing any type of formal wear. Formal wear is different for different cultures. And it is encouraged by the yearbook staff to incorporate your cultures and make it more personal to you.

Yearbook staff encourages all students to participate by filling out google forms and submitting photos when asked.

“People should participate in yearbook photo surveys because it gives them a chance to play a huge role in what the yearbook will be like this year. So it’s really up to them to submit photos and help us create something memorable,” says Caroll Loupeda, 2021 yearbook editor in chief.

All the links to the surveys are in the weekly student government announcements.

If students preorder a yearbook or submit photos for the yearbook, then they are automatically added into a raffle, which will have three winners. The first winner will receive a free yearbook meaning that the winner would get their money back. While, the second winner will receive $25 to an eatery. And the last winner would get a gift card to an eatery of $15.

Any yearbook sneak peaks and updates about the book, can be found on the yearbook’s official Instagram page @np3_yearbook. The link to pre-ordering the yearbook can also be found on this page.

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