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NP3’s Mock Trial Wraps Up Competition Season

By Nayab Mehmood
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

The NP3 Mock Trial team completed its fourth, and final, round of competitions on Feb. 16.

NP3’s prosecution team competed against the defense team of Elk Grove High School.

As usual, the team met after the competition to share immediate thoughts and reactions.

“Wednesday’s round didn’t necessarily go as planned- there were technical and timing difficulties which affected the overall performance and demeanor of the trial,” said Alina Susu, a Mock Trial team member.

Out of the 14 total teams competing in the virtual competitions, the top eight teams will take part in the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds on Feb. 20.

Going into round four, the NP3 Mock Trial team was ranked sixth out of 14.

Round four was the final round guaranteed to all competing teams. After round four, NP3 High School’s Mock Trial team was ranked ninth and did not quality for the quarterfinals.

“Mock Trial will break your heart every year, one way or another,” said coach Staci Osborn.

Added Susu, “…there is much to celebrate. Each individual member sacrificed so much time and put forth so much effort for this group cause- since the beginning of August. There’s so many talented people on our team and I don’t think our inability to move on to quarterfinals diminishes our feats and triumphs.”

To finish off their Mock Trial season, the team met on Feb. 18. NP3 High School teachers who attended the meeting, shared their thoughts about the competitions and how proud they were of what NP3 Mock Trial students accomplished.

“Thank you for your passion and hard work…for representing our school,” said Melissa Ciubal, sharing how she and her husband watched the trials together as they ate popcorn.

NP3 High teacher Katie Durham said that Mock Trial members were “…models for future NP3 students” with how they balanced Mock Trial with their other responsibilities.

Although the competition season has ended for NP3’s Mock Trial team, it will likely meet later this year to start to prepare for next year’s competitions.

“There is a lot to work on, but in the meantime I think we need to celebrate each other and our accomplishments because we have come so far and we’re prepared to go so much farther in the competitions ahead,” said Susu.

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