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Senior Project Seeks to Help Farmers in India

By Surya Tanikella
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High student Ravnoor Gill is trying to provide aid to farmers protesting in India by donating various items along with money for his senior project.

According to a website called Business Standard, farmers in India started protesting against three major farming laws: The Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce Act, the Farmers Agreement of Price Assurance and Farm Services Act and the Essential Commodities Act.

Protests against these issues have happened in many states in India — as many as 300,000 farmers were blocking the roads in Delhi, according to Gill. The Seattle Times reports that people in America are supporting the farmers in India by protesting here.

“I’m hoping to donate as much as I possibly can so the elderly and my people back in India don’t have to keep suffering on the cold borders of New Delhi,” said Gill.

Gill hopes to collect money that will be used to buy hygienic products and thermal clothes for the protesters.

According to Gill, corporations are overtaking small farmers and they have nothing to live on.

It is because of these problems farmers in India are taking over New Delhi borders and are sleeping and sitting on the street, Gill said. These farmers are scared because they were faced with large barricades, water cannons, tear gas, rocks, small explosions, and police brutality even though they were protesting peacefully from the beginning, Gill said.

Now, farmers are not being allowed to march into Delhi, Gill said. Also, police are heavily barricading the borders and many farmers are still there with their tractors and trolleys, waiting for justice to be served to them, added Gill.

Gill is collecting monetary donations which he said he will send to his family in India. Then, his family will buy the necessary items for the farmers who are protesting.

All donated money will be used to buy helpful products for the farmers in India. Gill said, the protesting farmers need clothing, food and water.

Donations for Gill’s senior project can be made to his Venmo accout at @r_gill23 or directly to Khalsa Aid, an international organization that aims to provide humanitarian aid.

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