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Soles and Smiles Collects Shoes for Families

Isabella Reynoso sits beside donations set to go to Angels with Shoes.

By Wayland Zhu
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Soles and Smiles is a new club at NP3 which donates footwear to families in poverty.

Soles and Smiles helps support a non-profit organization, Angels with Shoes which donates footwear, clothing, and food to families in Mexico and Honduras. The organization was founded by
Claudia Gomez.

“This first started off as a family project in which my aunt would ask our family to collect shoes we would like to send over,” said Soles and Smiles founder and niece of Gomez, Isabella Reynoso. “Since then it has grown to become a registered non-profit.”

Reynoso started Soles and Smiles to support Angels with Shoes in collecting shoes at NP3. It was approved as a club at NP3 this year.

The club plans to collect shoe donations and share their GoFundMe “2 Sole 1 Smile” which supports Angels with Shoes by paying the expenses of shipping, handling and delivering donated shoes.

The club also plans to spread awareness about the issue of families living in rural areas near landfills who can’t afford basic necessities. During club meetings, members express their ideas on how they can expand the club in an interactive discussion.

The club meets at Peter Riehl’s room in I-5 during lunch on every other Thursday. Currently, they’re accepting all practical use shoes in all sizes except for high heels and sandals.

For more information about the club, contact Isabella Reynoso at [email protected].

To get involved in the club, join their Google Classroom with the code kcjwbz6.

To get updates on the club, you can follow their Instagram, @soles_and_smiles.

To donate to the GoFundMe, go to

To go and donate to Angels with Shoes, go to

The members of Soles and Smiles club.

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