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Student on the Street: SAT Experiences

By Tahasin Rahman
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Several NP3 High seniors took the SAT at school in October and The Pacific Times asked them:

How was your SAT experience?

Christopher Loupeda

“It was unusual. I felt distracted.”

Baljot Desi

“I felt like I didn’t have any time.”

Kimberly Chouang

“During the SAT, I’m running on adrenaline for basically three hours straight. I’m worrying only about the answers and I’m in denial until I get my scores.”

Joshua Rico

“I feel like it’s measuring skills that don’t matter at all.”

Rami Basheer

“Every time I take the SAT my nose is runny because my head is down for like three hours.”

Lilia Infantino

“It’s not worth the extra stress or time if it’s not going to count towards college.”

Bernard Sembrano

“I thought it went pretty well. I took it because of the summer course at this school.”

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