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NP3 Robotics Team Headed to State Finals

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

All of NP3 High’s Robotics teams have qualified for the state competition for the first time.

The Feb. 5 and 12 competitions at Ceres High School helped the robotics team qualify for the state contest scheduled to take place on March 13 at Florin High School.

This year, the NP3 High Robotics team has four separate competition teams made up of about five students each.

Teams A and D qualified for the state competition after making it to the final round of competition at Ceres High School on Feb. 12.

“We are making a lot of changes to our robot and I hope we will be able to finish the changes before the state competition,” said Team D member Jireh Owen. “I am excited to be able to meet other teams and to look at how others built their robots and how they designed their code.”

Team A plans to change their robot’s programs before the next competition. The robot has had some problems running its program.

Team C qualified for the state competition after earning an excellence award at the Ceres High School contest on Feb. 5.

Team C is working on fixing some of their programs due to some issues which were present at the last competition.

Team B’s qualification spot for the state contest was earned on Feb. 22 as a result of the team’s ranking in the skills competitions. (The skills ranking is a ranking which combines all of the robots performances in the whole season and then ranks teams.)

Robotics team members said they are looking forward to attending the state competition after not being able to compete in 2020 despite qualifying. The competition was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am really happy that I am able to go with my friends and my team to the state competition and to showcase my robot’s design to a greater audience,” said Team B member Mackaelan Songco.

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