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Senior Project Donates Clothing to Women Who are Veterans

By Alexis Kobane
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Domonick Marshall’s senior project donates clothes to support women who are veterans.

Marshall is an NP3 High senior whose parents are military veterans and has been around people who served in the military his entire life.

Living around veterans helped him see how women who served in the armed forces are treated compared to their male counterparts.

“When out with my mom there have been many instances in which she asks for a military discount and the cashier responds with ‘I’m sorry you can not use your husband’s veteran status,’ even though she herself is a veteran,” said Marshall.

The goal of Marshall’s project is to help women who are veterans feel supported and appreciated as much as their male counterparts. To do this, he is collecting and donating clothes to these women. These donated clothes are to help women who are veterans have an easier time transitioning back to their normal lives.

So far, Marshall has collected clothing donations from sponsors like CharityLove, a thrift store located in Dixon, Calif.

He said he also hopes to educate others on the equal importance of both men and women veterans.

Marshall sent surveys to both students and women who served in the military. In his survey to students, he asked if they knew any veterans, if the veterans they knew were women, and about their knowledge of the problems for veteran women.

After collecting his responses from students, he found that less than one-third of those who responded knew a veteran that is a woman in their life. Students also responded with their knowledge of issues for these veterans such as a lack of accurate representation in the media.

Marshall also received responses from the women who are veterans and many said that his clothing drive was very helpful to women readjusting to civilian life.

“Many of those who responded agreed that women veterans are outshadowed by their male counterparts,” Marshall said about the responses he had received from women who served in the military. He also received responses from these veterans that said that the clothing drive was helpful to other women who are veterans.

To complete his project, he would like to collect more responses from veteran women and share his findings with the rest of the school in the school announcements as a way to educate students of this issue.

For any further questions or information please contact Marshall at [email protected].

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