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Beloved Librarian Retires After a Decade at NP3

Ms. Kidd busts a move for a rap video created by NP3 High staff in 2013.

By Wayland Zhu
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

After working more than 10 years at NP3, Nancy Kidd retired from her job as school librarian earlier this year.

Kidd is a Wisconsin native, who earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in school health education at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.

“I had phenomenal teachers K-12 and to this day I can name everyone, even my professors through my sophomore year in college,” Kidd told The Pacific Times. “… they instilled in me the love of education, compassion and that everyone learns in different ways but that we are all the same. I spent 43 years in education because of my mentors who were kinder through beyond.”

Nancy Kidd

Kidd said she moved to California in 2001 and taught health education at Everett Alvarez High School in Salinas. She later taught health education and Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, at Natomas High School from 2007 until she was laid off by the Natomas Unified School District in 2010just days after being recognized as the school’s teacher of the year.

She joined the NP3 team that same year, teaching study skills and working as the executive library facilitator, a position she held until retiring in January 2022.

Students said Kidd also left a lasting impression on those who interacted with her.

“Ms. Kidd was one of those teachers who you could have a conversation with,” said Divil Sivia, a graduating senior. “She was also one of those teachers you were able to really get to know. She would also help people with life guidance.”

History and econ teacher Jonathan England said Kidd was one the first people he interacted with when he was hired to work at NP3.

“Ms. Kidd helped me ease my nervousness when I started working here,” England said. “ She helped me with building relations with staff in general and connecting with people.”

Math teacher Michael Maccini said he’s known Kidd since he started working at NP3.

“She was a nice person to work with, funny, always made you feel good and laugh, cool, super low-key, and easy to get along with,” said Maccini. “I am sad to see her leave because most people have interacted with her and knew her to some extent, since most people at some point have to go to the library, whether it’s to borrow books or something else.”

NP3 High principal Melissa Mori said she will miss Kidd’s smiles and their conversations.
“Ms. Kidd was an amazing colleague,” said Mori. “(She) created a safe space for all students. She made them feel welcome and always had everything they needed to be successful students.”

According to Kidd, the decision to retire wasn’t an easy one, but she didn’t want to miss out on adventures waiting for her.

“I was never tired of education nor was I tired of the students, but I need to be honest the pandemic may have said it was time,” said Kidd. “Distance learning really tugged at my heartstrings because this was not what face-to-face interaction was all about.”

Kidd said she missed interacting with students during distance learning.

“I’m not a technology fan, which many people know,” Kidd explained. “I believe students are too married to their phones and miss out on what is truly happening with fellow students, our community, the nation and the world. It saddens me that people cannot verbally communicate without a phone.”

Over the years, Kidd said she became close with students who went on to serve in the military and become nurses, doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, lobbyists, people of faith, veterinarians, and parents.

“NP3 staff and students and even NP3 alumni (students) will always be my family — and I hope students know they can always reach out to me — even staff,” said Kidd. “Thank you for everything.”

A rap video featuring the talents of Ms. Kidd can be found at

Ms. Kidd missed interacting with students during distance learning.

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