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2022-23 School Year Kicks Off with Freshman Orientation

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

On July 29 approximately 130 students who are new to NP3 High attended freshman orientation which gave them an introduction to their advisors, school spirit and various clubs and activities around campus.

At the beginning of the event, NP3 High’s student government introduced new students to First Fridays where they confirmed that an extended lunch would once again be awarded to the grade level with the highest amount of Pirate Points at the end of the year.

Reminders of the First Friday rules are given to students by Student Government president Tatiana Segura and vice president Esha Maharaj prior to the beginning of the event on Aug. 5.

The First Friday competition for August was announced which was held on Aug. 5 and consisted of a spirit and noise competition.

While the spirit portion was voted on by teachers who do not have advisory classes, the noise competition was counted by decibels of noise which was made by each grade.

All advisories were in the quad together at the same time to create noise, which is a change from last August’s competition which had grade levels come to the quad to create noise at separate times.

NP3 High’s student government set a noise level of 104.3 decibels which student government challenged the freshman class to break on the August First Friday. At the event the freshman set a noise level of 93.3 decibels.

At the August First Friday, the Freshman were able to raise their decibel level by over 20 which landed them first place in the competition along with 100 Pirate Points.

Juniors got second and were awarded 75 Pirate Points, followed by Sophomores who finished third and with 50 Pirate Points and Seniors finished last and were awarded with 25 Pirate Points.

The Freshman class creates noise on route to their first-place victory.

Results for the class spirit portion of the First Friday are planned to be announced in Tuesday’s announcements.

This victory for the Freshman puts them in first place in Pirate Point standings until at least Tuesday when results are announced for the class spirit competition.

The class color for the freshman class will be purple for the next three school years after it was voted on by freshman who attended the event. As the senior class has the class colors of black and gold now, purple was once again an option to be decided upon.

“I want purple as our class color because purple is the team color of the Lakers,” said freshman Hassan Ahmad when voting for class colors took place.

Students who attended freshman orientation also had an opportunity to learn about various clubs and activities which are offered at NP3 High.

“I am most interested in Mock Trial as I was interested in the team before the presentation today because I want to become a lawyer,” said Richard Hong.

The Robotics and Mock Trial teams presented as well as Drama, Key Club, National Honor Society and Journalism.

Key Club handed out treat bags which contained general tips for the Freshman which were written by students who have been in Key Club. This was one of the first events that Key Club participated in for the Key Club term which begins in April.

Freshman take their first attempt at a First Friday chant during Freshman Orientation.

“I liked the Journalism presentation because it was the best one that was put together and it is one of my interests,” said Kennedy Nichols.

Student Government also presented about student clubs, in which they used the Sexuality and Gender Alliance, previously known as Queer Straight Alliance to show to new students an example of what a club consists of.

“I am looking forward to the sports that I will play at NP3 the most,” said Rana Rizwan.

Students were able to pick up their fall term schedule during the event in their advisory classrooms. Also during that time, students were able to see their advisors for the first time as well as classmates.

“I left some of the things from my last advisory as I am hoping it will help my new advisory to form tight bonds,” said freshman advisor Anthony Parker.

The teachers who teach classes which are had by the freshman class also were introduced at the event.

Students present at Freshman Orientation enjoy Kona Ice.

Anna Ho is a new teacher at NP3 High who teaches Experimental Science and Biology and previously taught as a student teacher at NP3 during the 2019-20 school year.

Rebecca Caladiao also is a new teacher at NP3 High who teaches English classes. She also is one of the freshman advisors and previously graduated from NP3 High over a decade ago. She is one of two teachers who have previously attended NP3 High and also currently teach at NP3 High.

During the event the NP3 High Dance team performed a Jazz and Hip Hop routine. While incoming freshmen can no longer join the team for this school year, they provided students with an idea of what the dance team is.

At the end of the event the purple as the class color was revealed by Patchy, NP3 High’s mascot and freshman were challenged to keep a purple ball in the air longer than ten seconds.

As students left the school, Kona Ice was given as Student Government paid for Kona Ice for all attendees and Kona Ice will make returns to NP3 High this school year on select Wednesdays.

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