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Candidates for District 1 Discuss Plans for Office

By Jack Fedor
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School hosted a candidate forum for the District 1 City Council seat on Sept. 15.

The candidate forum featured Lisa Kaplan and Alyssa Lozano and was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Sacramento County and The Natomas Buzz.

The event was free for the candidates to attend as the League of Women Voters of Sacramento County does not endorse individual candidates.

Attendees had access to index cards in which questions for the candidates could have been written. All questions which were posed had to not mention one candidate’s name as both candidates answered each question.

In Kaplan’s opening address she mentioned her leadership as a member of the Natomas Unified School Board and the district’s accomplishments in regards to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. She claimed that the night should be about what has already been done for the district, not all about what is going to happen in the future.

Lozano’s opening address consisted of some of the issues which are most important to her; public safety, job creation and homlessness. She also touched on her time as the president of the Natomas Chamber of Commerce where she worked with Natomas Unified to help create a learning workforce program.

As for their plans for the former site of the Sacramento Kings arena, Kaplan shared that she looked to provide spaces on the site for small businesses. She also touched on Natomas Unified School District’s purchase of property at the former site and touched on some medical focus for the school.

Lozano looked to see that the conversion of the site was done in a timely manner.

As for the issue of people experiencing homlessness, Lozano said that she wanted to provide for a citywide solution and to work with the council member from District 3 with the Staybridge Suite conversion.

Kaplan shared that the city council will need to be unified on the issue.

As for transportation within the district Kaplan was in favor of a light rail line from the airport to downtown and Lozano is looking to provide safe transit when freeways are crossed which is part of her plan to have safe transit from school to home.

As for creating programs for youth, Kaplan wanted to partner more with the community, while Lozano wanted to grow the youth workforce partnership with Natomas Unified.

Both candidates said that they are looking to continue and expand the Youth Action Corps, which was a program which was set up by the outgoing District 1 councilwoman, Angelique Ashby. The program allows for students to complete community service projects.

As for the issue of gun Violence, Lozano wants to get guns off of the street, to host roundtables with youth and to host gun buybacks.

Kaplan also showed support for gun buyback programs, but also would like to move resource officers to areas in which gun violence is high.

Lozano is looking at the residents of Sacramento for a solution as to where cannabis is to be sold. Kaplan plans to allow cannabis sales in appropriate locations and not near schools.

During the forum, Lozano discussed the affordable housing which exists inside the city, while Kaplan was in favor of expanding affordable housing.

Both Kaplan and Lozano shared their support for Measure O during the forum.

Lozano would like to have more programs where seniors could mentor students at schools inside of District 1.

Kaplan would like to construct a senior center in Natomas as an investment into District 1, as most seniors currently have to go to senior centers in other districts.

During closing addresses, Lozano mentioned how safety is one of her top priorities. Kaplan mentioned that she is running because she is invested in the city.

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