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Student on the Street: Summer Plans

By Wayland Zhu
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

As the end of the 2022-23 school year approaches, The Pacific Times asked:  

“What are your summer plans?”

Chisha Bweupe, Sophomore

“I’m going to be doing a summer job.”

Chloe Durham, Junior

“I got accepted into a program at Georgetown in Washington D.C. and I’m going to study economic policy there.”

Xander Gonzales, Junior

“I’m going to Spain and just hang out with friends.”

Marisa Desse, Sophomore

“There is a cruise coming up to Mexico. I plan to go there, the beach and the state fair, and I’m probably going to sleep.”

Kailani Powell, Freshman

“I’m going to Louisiana and I’m looking forward to going to the state fair and going to LA.”

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