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Broadway Actor Workshops with NP3 Choir


By Inaya Valenzuela
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

This Friday, Oct. 27 Broadway actor Christopher Robin Sapp will be coming to NP3 for a workshop with the choir.

Sapp is a multi instrumentalist with a masters of music voice performance who is currently a part of Les Miserables. He will be workshopping with NP3’s choir on two seasonal songs.

¨I feel very excited for Christopher to be coming to this class and look forward to learning from him,” Grace Saechao, a choir student said.

“I’m curious to see the differences in the knowledge he shares with what we already know,¨ Another student Priyanka Tandel added.

The assistance of Sapp will help the choir prepare for their upcoming concert.

“It’s exciting to work with a professional from Broadway, a unique opportunity,” Melissa Ciubal explained. “Professionals and Broadway actors don’t often work with schools. I hope it opens opportunities for the students to get passionate about music and look into careers in music.”

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