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Club Connects with Seniors in the Community

By Jupji Sandhu
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Senior Outreach is a new club formed this year to connect with senior citizens in the community.

Senior Outreach was founded by NP3 seniors Jireh Owen and Tristan Puelicher. The club was created to help senior citizens with needs they may have and to show senior appreciation by spending time and doing activities with them.

Some future plans for this club include having monthly organized events for seniors. The club is planning on visiting the Vintage Senior Apartments to play board games with the elderly on Wednesday, Dec. 13 for their first event.

Both founders said a goal they have is to visit at least five senior facilities by the end of this school year.

“Our mission is to help the senior citizens in Natomas, the elderly took care of us when we were young and now it’s our turn,” said Owens.

Owen and Puelicher believe this club will help decrease loneliness for the seniors and for students and seniors to connect with each other. They said they created this club because senior citizens played a huge role in their lives and they have some personal connections with senior citizens.

Some rules they have for this club are to not be disrespectful, be open minded, and participate in club activities. They’re open to anyone joining and participating in activities they host. If you’re interested in this club they meet weekly in Katie Durham’s classroom room C-2. Their emails are [email protected] and [email protected].

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