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School Running Club Encourages Fitness

NP3 Running Club

By Alexis Kobane
Copy Editor | The Pacific Times

Two NP3 seniors started the school’s first Running Club to encourage fitness in the NP3 community.

Salvador Lemus and Timothy Tsera started Running Club as a part of their senior projects. Their goal: to give more opportunities to NP3 High School students to improve students’ cardiovascular and physical fitness. Lemus and Tsera also want to encourage an appreciation for fitness and all of its physical and mental benefits.

“There is a lack of encouragement being provided around the topic of fitness, and increased stress and responsibilities that make it difficult to feel like making time to exercise is an option. I want to bring that encouragement to the students here and make fitness fun,” Lemus said.

Tsera also believes in the lifelong benefits of fitness and running.

“We are constantly challenged and motivated while running. It makes us gauge our limits and even push past them which translates to more endurance and strength in life to get through obstacles,” Tsera said.

Running Club meets off campus to run on the NP3 track and the neighborhood surrounding the school. Students interested in running with the club must have a parent or guardian fill out the permission slip before they can participate.

Conor Simpson, one of NP3 High School’s history teachers is the club’s advisor and has always enjoyed running. He has experience running cross country in high school and said he enjoys having Running Club at NP3.

“I get to do a couple of the things I really like to do, which are running and working out. I found that really relaxing, as well as working with students,” Simpson said. “The optimism and positive spirit of high school students is why I really like being a teacher and it’s fun to be able to combine some of my other interests with that as well.”

Running Club is currently working on speed and running two to three miles. The club is preparing for the MaraFUNrun hosted by Runnin’ for Rhett. The MaraFUNrun is a 5K race and it will take place in William Land Park in Sacramento, Calif. on Dec. 2.

Running Club currently meets after school on Mondays and Thursdays. For more information about Running Club or interest in receiving a permission slip, students can contact Simpson ([email protected]), Lemus ([email protected]), or Tsera ([email protected]).

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