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Senior Book Drive Meets Goal

Photo by Alexis Kobane

By Alexis Kobane
Copy Editor | The Pacific Times

Sean Sotto collected more than 100 books from NP3 families in a curbside donation drive to support the Sacramento Public Library as a part of his Senior Project.

The book donation drive was held on Jan. 24, 25, and 26 afterschool in front of NP3 Elementary School and NP3 Middle and High School. On Jan. 24, books were collected from NP3 Elementary School, on Jan. 25, books were collected from NP3 Middle School, and on Jan. 26 books were collected from NP3 High School.

“I chose this for my project because when thinking about how I can help the community, I was looking at my sister and she’s just scrolling on Tik Tok and I thought what are better ways she can use her time,” Sotto said about why he chose this for his Senior Project. “I was thinking maybe she could read a book. And I feel like that’s a greater societal issue: just not really reading or enjoying reading.”

Books collected from the curbside donation drive were donated to the Sacramento Public Library. Any new or lightly used books were accepted.

Sotto’s goal for the donation drive was to collect 100 books total.

“I consider it to be a great success then went further beyond what my initial expectations of the donation drive were before I did them,” Sotto said. “I hope this drive and our collective contributions serves well in bettering the community as a whole.”

Sotto also held a raffle drawing to provide an incentive for students to donate books. Each book donated was equal to one entry for the raffle. The raffle prize was a twenty-five dollar gift card to the place of the winning student’s choice.

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