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Club Created for Plant-Loving Community

By Alexis Kobane
Copy Editor | The Pacific Times

Seniors Jacqueline Paltzer and Krista Chouang started Plant Club at NP3 High School to create a space for students interested in plants to learn and share their love for plants.

“The overall goal was to just make friends, find a community and also expand the interests of plant knowledge,” Paltzer said.

Paltzer also acknowledged the need for more plant knowledge on campus.

“I wanted to start Plant Club because I thought it would be a large community of plant lovers at NP3 and also because a lot of the teachers requested that somebody take care of their office or outdoor plants,” Paltzer said.

Throughout the year, Plant Club has hosted multiple meetings with hands-on activities for students to learn more about plants and how to care for them.

“We do things like learn how to propagate and the best types of substrates for specific types of plants,” said Chouang. “Also we did plant sales and pot paintings, and learned about aqua scaping.”

At NP3’s Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Night, Plant Club sold plants, seeds, and pots that were hand-painted by NP3 students.

Chouang and Paltzer hope to host more Plant Club events throughout the year.

Plant Club meets every other Monday at lunch in room F-4.

For more information about Plant Club contact Chouang ([email protected]) or Paltzer ([email protected]).

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