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NP3 Sports Teams Planned for 2024-25

By Jupji Sandhu
Staff writer | The Pacific Times 

Sports teams are planned for the 2024-25 school year according to NP3 High School teachers Peter Riehl and Jonathon Brinkmann. 

Seniors Gurkaran Singh and Sania Sarwar have been working since September to bring sports to the school as part of their senior project. They said they are sure that sports will be coming to the campus. 

Sports approved by the NP3 Board of Trustees include basketball, cross country, and aquatic sports. Teams will not be co-ed, there will be all-boys teams and all-girls teams. In the beginning, teams will only compete against smaller schools that are not in leagues. 

“Keep your eyes and ears open for updates, and applications to apply for these sports!” said Riehl. Anyone who attends NP3 High School is welcome to try out to be on these sports teams; prior experience is not required, he said. 

Currently, there is no confirmation on who the coaches will be. 

Riehl and Brinkmann said they would like to make Thursdays game nights, to get the community excited, and bring pride to NP3. 

If you have any questions contact Jonathon Brinkmann.

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