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Staff Profile: Giao Villalobos

By Akshaj Mehta Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Giao Villalobos has been a part of the Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep family for over nine years, eight of those working in the front … [Read more...]

NP3 Junior Rachel Long Doesn’t Waste Time

By Berkeley Boyd Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Updated Feb. 16, 2021* Rachel Long is a physically active, outgoing individual who believes that you should not waste any time. Long … [Read more...]

Music Helps People Get Through Quarantine

By Jireh Owen Staff Writer | The Pacific Times As quarantine continues into the year of 2021, some people have pinned their hopes on music to help get them through the boredom. “I listen to … [Read more...]

Teacher Profile: Rosalie Ness

By Christopher Loupeda Staff Writer | The Pacific Times  Updated Jan. 28, 2021* Passionate, loyal, and funny, Rosalie Ness is a new educational specialist at NP3 High this school year. She works … [Read more...]