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Blackbird Park Relieves Student Parking Woes

By Christopher Loupeda Staff Writer | The Pacific Times After years of parking pandemonium, NP3 High student drivers will have ample student parking at the new Blackbird Park which opened … [Read more...]

NP3 Freshmen Launch “One For U” Organization

By Krista Chouang Staff Writer | The Pacific Times A group of NP3 High freshmen started an organization this month called “One For U” to send care packages to those in need, starting with the … [Read more...]

NP3 High to Host Summer School — Again

Program Was Unavailable Last Summer By Akshaj Mehta  Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 is hosting its annual summer school this year for most of the month of June. Students who are eligible … [Read more...]

Trying New Recipes to Get Through the Pandemic

By Jireh Owen Staff Writer | The Pacific Times As people worldwide are staying at home, people have focused on making and trying out food recipes to help them get through the pandemic. “During … [Read more...]

The Pacific Times Seeks Writers for 2021-22 Year

By Chim Unanwa Co-Editor | The Pacific Times The Pacific Times seeks additional staff members for the 2021-22 school year. Journalism students write articles, discuss current events, and learn … [Read more...]

Parental Stress During the Pandemic

You Are Not Alone By Hania Arshad Guest Writer | The Pacific Times Staying isolated from friends and family, committing to indoor activities, and the switch to a virtual lifestyle are only a few … [Read more...]

NP3 High to Consider a New Composting Program

Staff Report | The Pacific Times NP3 High School does not have a composting program, but it may soon. NP3 High junior Nayab Mehmood is currently working with the California Department for … [Read more...]