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College Prep Club

Co-president Gene Do promotes the College Prep Club with two thumbs up!

By Jovi Ross
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

The SAT and ACT exams have always been a constant worry and cause of stress to the common teenager in high school.

What happens if I don’t get a good score? How do I study?  The College Prep Club knows how to answer these questions and how to calm students’ anxiousness.

The College Prep Club’s main focus is to help students learn different strategies on how to prepare and take the SAT or ACT as efficiently as possible. A typical meeting for the club usually starts with going over homework, such as math problems or worksheets. The club assigns and answers any questions the members might have.

After that, a lesson plan is constructed based on the requests and preferences the club members have. The club leaders want to help students raise their test scores as best as they can by giving them tips on how to interpret math or English problems or by teaching students what their options are for the solutions.

The club meets in Ms. Osborn’s room (I-7) every Tuesday at lunch. The president of the College Prep Club is Charles Paltzer and their co-president is Gene Do. The club is welcoming and helpful, and they encourage all students to join!

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