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FYI: NP3’s Snack Shack Open for Students

By Jovi Ross
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Did you know Np3 high has a snack bar? It’s open everyday at lunch in the office, accessible through the two side entrances near the I and B buildings.

The snack bar has a variety of foods and beverage offerings to choose from. From Gatorades to granola bars to veggie chips, there are options available for all students’ tastes.  

It’s run by our school’s parent Boosters organization. Everything from the student store ranges to 50¢ to $2.

All the money spent at the store goes to the Np3 Boosters to help our school get materials we need like chromebooks or better P.E. equipment.

This helps better our school environment support the most successful learning experience possible.

The store is open most school days, but only during lunch time.

They do run out of popular choices, so if there’s something you really want hurry to the store as soon as lunch starts. Don’t forget they add new goodies every once in awhile so come and try them.

If you’re ever hungry and that lunch line is just too long, check out the student store and maybe something will tickle your taste buds.

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