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Class of 2022 Begins High School With Some Advisory Fun

Freshman advisory “hangouts” are a hit with the class of 2022.

By Kimberly Chouang
Editorial Assistant | The Pacific Times

The Class of 2022 advisory classes started their first year at NP3 High School with a new tradition.

Every other Friday, the seven freshman advisory classes pair up and hang out in a classroom or outside in the field, to do activities such as Kahoot!, kickball or watching a short film. Participating advisory classes include Nida Qasmi, Daisy Vallesfino, Jonathan England, Stacey Asher, Laura Sieglitz, Anthony Parker and Peter Riehl.

“This hangout lets the NP3 students interact in ways that let them get out of their shell and gives the students and their advisers more opportunities to interact other than in class,” said Vallesfino.

England added that the purpose of the “hangouts” is to strengthen NP3’s community and make everyone feel more connected.

“In years past, we tried to think of ways to unify them (the students),” England said, “We had to do this early to capture things quick. There were other attempts that were done with juniors and seniors, but their advisories were too busy.”

The idea for Class of 2022 hangouts was first suggested by student Jaclyn Nguyen and then shared with the other freshmen advisory teachers. In the past, advisory classes collaborated on campus projects, but failed to bring the students closer.

“The advisory meetups, in my opinion, are a good idea, because the advisories meet up and interact with each other and that gives us more opportunities to get to know one another or just to have fun instead of sitting in a classroom,” NP3 High freshman Nabia Ahmad said. “I hope that the meet-ups continue and we have more diversity in options in the near future.”

The hangouts help the freshmen class connect with each other in person. For instance, the meetups helped the freshmen practice their chant which won second place during the homecoming competitions.

“Overall, I think they are good because they keep us active,” said Natalia Villalpando, a freshman.

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