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Pirates Take on Europe

By Jakob Franco
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

Each year a band of Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep students and teachers make their way across the Atlantic to see the sights in Europe.

The next trip is just a few months away and plans for a 2020 trip are under way. More than a dozen NP3 High students will spend their spring break visiting Barcelona, London and Paris.

The annual trip is coordinated and led by social studies teacher Jonathan England. Itineraires vary with each trip, but generally take place for a week during fall or spring break.

Each city visited presents its own unique language, history and culture for students to engage with as they wish. England stresses both the spiritual and educational value of foreign travels for young students.

“Students tend to operate in their own narcissistic bubbles and the Europe trip is the first time for many students out of that bubble,” said England. He attended a similar trip in his senior year of high school which inspired his interest in traveling and sharing that experience with students.

Students state seeing famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower and time exploring different cultures as the highlights of their trip. Spending multiple days in each city allows those on the trip to encounter different experiences.

“Seeing the day to day operations of a new country is just as valuable as what students learn in their classes,” England said as to the educational purpose of the trip.

Trips cost about $3,500 including plane fares, lodging and some meals. The Education First Tour company allows families to pay through a series of installments in an effort to help students afford to participate.

Current sophomores and juniors are encouraged to speak with England if interested in enrolling for the 2020 trip through [email protected] or in room B-4.

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