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Student on the Street: Fun Plans for the Holidays

By Isabel Penman
Co-Editor | The Pacific Times

As winter break approaches at NP3 High School, The Pacific Times asked students on campus:

Do you have any fun plans for the holidays?

Kenya  Cedeño, NP3 Senior
“I am having a beach day with friends and am having a friendsmas! I also get to take the train to Reno for the snow with my mom.”

Vincent Trinh, NP3 Sophomore
“I am going to be spending time with family and friends of course… oh and playing Super Smash Bros.”

Jimmy Ross, NP3 Senior
“Over the holidays I will be streaming a lot of games to my live audience, which is very fun. Watch me everyday on Twitch at JimboSlice916.”

Lily Trouchon, NP3 Senior
“I am going to Hawaii for New Years and spending time with my family.”

Ella Burhans, NP3 Senior
“Yes! I am going to Florida with my whole family and it is going to be a great time. I always love going back to the East Coast.”

Ashlynn Wildrom, NP3 Senior
“I am going to New Mexico with my grandparents who I never get to see, so that will be super nice.”

Jacob Vogt, NP3 Senior
“I am definitely going to spend my time playing Smash Bros with my sister and her boyfriend. That is probably it.”

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