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Class of 2020 Prepares for CAASPP Testing

By Hiba Mohammed
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High juniors are preparing for the CAASPP testing that will be taking place on April 2019.

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, also known as CAASPP, is a system of assessments which measure student progress in different subjects such as mathematics and English. It is designed to help teachers monitor the needs and successes of individual students as they progress toward mastery of the state adopted standards.

During visits to advisory classes, NP3 High counselors explaining the tests importance for those planning to attend college. The test scores will be used to place students in a mathematics and English classes.

In order to prepare NP3 juniors for CAASP testing, math teachers are visiting junior advisories for tutoring sessions during the time that is normally allotted to tutorial and advisory classes.

The NP3 counselors highly recommend the juniors to use Khan Academy when preparing for the CAASPP test. Khan Academy is a helpful resource for getting ready for big important test such as the SAT, ACT and CAASPP. Khan academy is a helpful resource that is already connected to our PSAT scores.

“The CAASPP test is actually really stressful, however it’s really helpful and hopefully I’m prepared for the actual test,” said Rianna Lira, an NP3 junior.

“Most of the juniors are overwhelmed about this test but are keeping a positive mindset by practicing and working hard,” advisory teacher Katie Durham said.

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