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Gym Packed as NP3 Senior Board Presentations Take Place

NP3 students browse senior projects.

By Amritpal Nijjar
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High School seniors are one step closer to completing their senior projects, after two hour-long sessions earlier this week in the gym packed with more than a hundred other students.

On Jan. 29 and 30, all NP3 seniors presented senior boards to their fellow underclassmen in order to practice for the official senior boards that will take place in April.

Senior boards consist of tri-fold presentation posters created by each senior which outline their service projects. These boards give an in-depth look into issues that students are tackling, evidence to back up these issues and what the senior plans to do to address these issues.

In April, seniors will make an official electronic presentation to a panel of staff in order to graduate.

Over the course of Tuesday Jan. 29 and Wednesday Jan. 30, all seniors created boards to present to other teachers and students. Different teachers were assigned seniors, and the teachers’ jobs were to listen to the presentations and grade them based on a rubric. Underclassmen were also given time to look at the senior project presentations.

“It was great practice talking to the other classmates and especially the underclassmen,” said senior Alexander Torres, whose senior project revolves around tackling childhood obesity. “The whole experience made me feel more confident about my project.”

This event wasn’t only helpful for seniors.

Junior Amritpal Singh said the event made realize that ¨you have to actually take initiative and be well prepared with senior project.”

As for the seniors, they will continue to work on their projects and take feedback from this week’s practice to improve their projects by the final presentations in April.

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