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NP3 High Take Action Club Tackles Worldwide Issues

Amaya Mclaurin stands, holding wristbands that will be sold as a fundraiser to help those affected by the crisis in Yemen.

By Maryam Shabir
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

For more than a decade, NP3 High School’s “Take Action” club has embodied its name and sought to take action on current crises and help those in need.

Take Action is currently headed by seniors Amaya Mclaurin and Cassidy Tatum. The club meets every Tuesday in Robin Branson’s room (B-1) during lunch.  

Each year, the club chooses to tackle one or two issues that are in need of ongoing action and focuses on them throughout the school year. Close to the end of the year, the club will decide a charity to donate all fundraised money to. 

For the 2018-19 school year, Take Action has chosen to focus their efforts on the crisis in Yemen.

“[It’s] one of the worst humanitarian crisis, ” Mclaurin said. The group plans to start fundraising in February by selling wristbands that are the color of Yemen’s flag.

Mclaurin would like to see more students “Be the Change” and help support Take Action in its journey to help the less fortunate by either joining the club or donating money during fundraisers.

For further inquiries, you can contact Amaya Mclaurin at [email protected]

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