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NP3 Gamenite A Smash (Brothers) Success!

Destinations for Gamenite 2019.

By Kimberly Chouang
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

NP3 High’s annual Gamenite was on Feb. 8 in NP3’s gym and select classrooms from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Activities ranging from card games to virtual reality were displayed and played for all who attended Friday night. Students enjoyed the various games the night had to offer!

NP3 students support each other while playing Minecraft on the big screen.

Nachos sold at NP3’s Gamenite!

Snack Shack was available during Gamenite for all in the gym.

“I think it was a good turn out! I was selling food for most of the night, and our nachos were a hit. When I walked around the classrooms, I saw that people seemed to be enjoying themselves,” said senior Kynat Ahmad.

“It was fun, I liked the games this year,” said junior Imani Ross.

Slicing to the beat with Beat Saber in the NP3 library.

Choose your character in Super Smash Bros!

NP3 students get ready for a battle in Super Smash Bros.

“Gamenite was great. It allowed the students of NP3 to come together as a community and have fun,” said freshman Haley Rose.

“Didn’t feel like there was a lot of stuff play, if there was I just missed it. It felt kind of unorderly but that’s gonna happen regardless. Otherwise, it was good!” said junior Jason Meyers.

NP3 students have fun with a favorable round of Call of Duty Black Ops.

Basketball took over the gym throughout Gamenite!

NP3 students have fun dancing to Wii’s Just Dance!

“It was pretty fun for us only playing Just Dance for the most of it,” said junior Austin Geordge.

“I think next time we should have a chill room, where there’s just background music so that people can just chill if they don’t want to play games,” said senior Fiza Mehmood.

“It was a very cool and free event that gave us a variety of things to do. It was my first school event in a while and even though not a lot of people showed, it was still very fun!” said freshmen Isabella Bist.

NP3 students play Halo in the computer lab.

Surviving the world of Minecraft in Nida Qasmi’s classroom.

NP3 students play an intense game of Mario Kart.

This has been an NP3 tradition dating back to 2012, so keep an eye out for Gamenite next year if you want to join in on the fun or simply spectate!

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