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Student Voice: CPM Curriculum Must Go

By Hiba Mohammed
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

Both NP3 middle and high school math is ran by the curriculum College Preparatory Mathematics, more commonly known as CPM.  Math has become a harder subject for students since the introduction of CPM into NP3 math courses.  

CPM emphasizes the importance of group work and learning from your peers. However, this has resulted in math teachers not really do their job, which should be teaching by helping us understand what we are learning.

Teachers are becoming too dependent on the book, making it difficult for students to explore different learning styles.

Teachers are completely losing interest in their jobs since the students have to mostly teach themselves or spend extra hours out of their day in outside tutoring.

Many teachers may argue that CPM benefits students as it prepares them for college. However, how will it prepare us for college if students are completely clueless and simply do not understand the curriculum?

CPM does not relate to what we are tested on since the tests are completely different than from what is in the book.

As an NP3 junior taking Algebra 2, I look around in my math class most of the group are very confused and clueless of what we are supposed to do. The teachers do come around and help us, but it’s only if you ask for it.

I believe that the school is wasting their money on these books without letting the students have a say on how the like the curriculum. The school should hold a survey so the students can state their opinion on CPM. If the school decides to get rid of it, it will hopefully make math more enjoyable for the students.

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