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Engineering Field Trip


Students are blasted by wind as the wind tunnel is being demonstrated.

Amritpal Nijjar
The Pacific Times | Staff Writer

On Thursday, April 11, NP3 High engineering students took a field trip to the engineering department at California State University, Sacramento.

The engineering class, taught by Kim Knestrick, toured the campus including different engineering labs and and relevant machinery.

The students were welcomed by professor Patrick Homen, a mechanical Engineering professor. He guided the toour along with students of the Sacramento State Engineering Honors Society division, Tau Beta PI.

NP3 students were led through the materials testing lab, where their guides demonstrated how different materials are tensile tested. Later on, the group was taken to the concrete lab, where they learned about the process for making concrete, and saw some student creations.

After touring the labs, NP3 students had the chance to see some student-led projects. 

Students of Sac State Formula SAE team demonstrated their progress on a formula race car.

Students are shown the work in progress Formula race car.

Another Student-led project was a hyperloop vehicle, built for the SpaceX Hyperloop competition. The Hyperloop competition takes place every 1-2 years, and different teams of college students compete. In previous years the Sac State team made it to the final 24 out of over 100 teams.

After touring a few more labs, such as the wind tunnel and machine shop, NP3 students went to the food court to eat lunch, and were on their way back to the school.

Many students said they enjoyed the field trip.

“It was a great opportunity to check out the engineering department,“ said senior Ardale Arizabal, who plans to attend Sacramento State in Fall of 2019. “I loved the tour and learned what the engineering field looks like.”

“The staff were very impressed with the students,” said Knestrick who noted Professor Homen, was impressed by NP3 students’ questions.

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