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Archives for April 2019

On Stage at NP3: The Bride’s Bouquet

By Kuljit Kaur Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Two families come together to celebrate a young man’s marriage ceremony that must be completed before midnight to inherit the money his grandfather … [Read more...]

Banquet Marks End of 2018-19 Mock Trial Season

By Isabel Penman Co-Editor | The Pacific Times A banquet held at McGeorge School of Law in March marked the end of the 2018-2019 NP3 High Mock Trial and Moot Court season. More than 80 … [Read more...]

Student Voice: Thoughts on School Lunch

By Avneet Mahein Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Students at Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep have been complaining about the schools lunch. So is it important for the principal to consider … [Read more...]

Spend Your Summer at City Hall

By Zara Afridi Staff Writer | The Pacific Times If you are looking for something to do over the summer or want to engage in our community more, then summer at City Hall is just for you! Summer … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Run for Student Body Officer Positions

By Zara Afridi Staff Writer | The Pacific Times Application period now open for student body office; until Monday, April 15th.  NP3 High school has a variety of student body officer positions … [Read more...]

Former NP3 Teacher Arrested for Alleged Relationship with Student

By Isabel Penman Co-Editor | The Pacific Times Updated 10 a.m. on April 12, 2019 A former NP3 High School teacher was arrested Thursday, April 11 in El Dorado County on suspicion of having a … [Read more...]

Final Day to Register for Summer SAT Prep Workshop

By Maisha Mostafa Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 High will holding a SAT Prep Workshop for rising seniors over the summer. The workshop will use the SAT test prep curriculum from … [Read more...]

Student Voice: She Did Not Agree To It

By Kuljit Kaur Staff Writer| Pacific Times Sexual assault has become the devil in many people's lives. Often girls fall victims to this issue, however many boys become victims of sexual assault … [Read more...]

Student Voice: Execution of Senior project

By Maryam Shabir Staff Writer| Pacific Times Senior project deadlines are coming up for seniors, but the question remains whether or not senior project is being executed the right way at Np3 High … [Read more...]

Student on the Street: Appreciating our Advisories

By Amritpal Nijjar Staff Writer | The Pacific Times NP3 High School students see the same people and teacher every day, so The Pacific Times asked students: What is something special/unique about … [Read more...]