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Student on the Street: Reactions to Recent College Scandal

By Mickaela Del Pozo
Staff Writer | The Pacific Times

As a college admissions scandal involving the elite and celebrities continues to make headlines a month after the story first broke, The Pacific Times asked NP3 High students:

What is your reaction to the recent college admissions scandal?

Isabel Penman, NP3 Senior

“I think we were all pretty shocked even though a lot of people talk about prestigious schools doing this kind of thing. I think it was most interesting because a lot of us applied to those schools that were involved with the scandal. Overall, I think it’s just pretty disappointing that schools that pride themselves over being equal and fair still participate in illegal actions such as this.”

Zoya Rizwan, NP3 Senior

“I think it’s really crazy how people think it’s okay to bribe their way into college. Students spend years trying to get the grades and meet the requirements to get into those type of schools. But just because you have the money, you think it’s okay to buy your way in? After learning about all these cases and how often stuff like this actually happens, I am disappointed in the education system and people who are in charge. They have the power to prevent things like this from happening but they choose to overlook it.”

Jakob Franco, NP3 Senior

“I wasn’t exactly surprised that the wealthy abused the system. I had never heard of the fraudulent  sports recruitment as a method of rigging one’s way in though. I do think the scandal raises the larger question of other completely legal methods of boosting their chances through large donations to the schools or the process of admitting legacy students at a higher rate than others.”

Erick Brady, NP3 Senior

“Honestly, I was surprised that anyone did anything about it. It’s no secret that it’s been happening for years, but the fact that the authorities actually arrested and have charged people in the scandal is what surprised me. I think it’s a good step for people that aren’t super rich, because it shows that hopefully now you’re going to have to earn your way in, and that you can’t just buy it.”

Erika Galvez, NP3 Senior

“My first reaction was a very loud ‘what the heck,’ but something in me always knew this to be a reality. As a senior, college is seen as an urged next step and this ‘scandal’ made me question the legitimacy of plenty of college admissions. […] As a senior that decided college and universities I had dreamed of attending were too expensive to pursue, and decided to start with community college, I almost felt scammed. I didn’t apply anywhere besides community, yet I felt for the students who work hard day and night at school for a shot at these universities that are known for the quality and prestige, only to be rejected. Not only should the bribers be held accountable, but so should the schools that decided to go that low of a move.”

Aksa Rashid, NP3 Junior

“To be honest, I was disappointed but not surprised. Big shot colleges have a lot of money for a reason and thrive for money, so it makes sense in the end. I’m just really happy that it became a scandal so everyone was able to see their true colors. However, I don’t see many people talking about it now which is sad because I really wanted some action to be taken but the media moved on from it so quick. Schools like Harvard though really lost their prestige, which is well deserved, but I wish they were served more suitable consequences.”

Charles Paltzer, NP3 Junior

“The college scandal is simply upsetting. But I hope people know what they’re mad about. Colleges accepting bribes to unfairly admit students is a dishonest, but individual act that denies many students from their well-deserved opportunities. That is a disservice. Whereas, the secretive manners in which wealth affords privileges to families that can pay, and especially when the powers of wealth are and, have been, more easily earned by meeting racial, gender and other criteria in America, that is more than a disservice. That is injustice. And I hope people know what they’re mad about.”

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